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Notice for Closure KY - 2020-21

The timeline for closure of the Kanyashree Year 2020-21 is as follows:
a. Enrollment of fresh entry will be closed from 15th march 2022, i.e. DPMUs have to complete all enrollments on or before 14th march 2022
b. Sanction of entries will be closed from 1st April 2022, i.e. DPMUs have to complete sanction of eligible beneficiaries within 31st March 2022 c. Disbursement will be open.

Notice for Forwarding KY - 2019-20

From 26th to 27th August 2021, the forwarding option (from Institution to the BDO/SDO level) of all the applications pending at institution end for Kanyashree Year 2019-20 will remain open. Please complete the entire work by this stipulated time period.